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NOK-ACS Excellence in Chemistry Award

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Congratulations to Henry Williams, the 2017 NOK-ACS Excellence in Chemistry Award recipient! Henry graduated with Honors from Bartlesville High School and was one of the students that qualified to take the National Exam for Chemistry Olympiad in 2016.

Every year, the Northern Oklahoma section of the American Chemical Society recognizes one of the local high school seniors for their achievements in chemistry, other sciences, math and all around academic performance. This award is presented during the Senior Award Ceremony, which is held every year in the second week of May at the Bartlesville High School’s Fine Arts Center. 

2017 Chemistry Olympiad

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Every year, from January to March, Dr. Keith Lawson, member of the Northern Oklahoma ACS section, tutors 15-20 students from Honors Chemistry I and Chemistry II AP classes, to take the Chemistry Olympiad local exam.

Congratulations to James Martinez and Pranoy Behera, the local finalists that qualified to take the National Exam later in April.

Additional details are included in the ACS Chemistry Olympiad  school article:


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Local Section Members,

Energy Days 2017 is March 7-9 at the Bartlesville Community Center, and volunteers are needed. Phillips 66, ConocoPhillips and ChevronPhillips Chemicals support the event to give area fifth-graders the opportunity to learn about the oil and gas industry and how energy impacts their lives. Volunteers help as guides or work with hands-on activities. There are two sessions each day: 9:30-11:30 a.m. and noon-2 p.m. Contact to volunteer, or for any questions regarding the event or how you can become more involved.


Bartlesville District Science Fair February 24-25

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Dear Science Fair Supporter,

We are seeking judges for the 2017 Bartlesville District Science Fair (BDSF)!

The 2017 BDSF will be hosted at the Phillips 66 Research Center on Friday evening, February 24 (Elementary Division), and Saturday morning, February 25 (Junior/Senior Division). We ask that judges arrive at the Research Forum Lecture Hall at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and 7:45 a.m. on Saturday. Judging typically finishes before 8:30 p.m. on Friday and before 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. We will serve pizza before judging on Friday. We will offer coffee and breakfast before and pizza after judging on Saturday.

Please respond to the" target="_blank">Survey Monkey link to indicate your preferences.

We thank you for your contribution to science, engineering and math in Bartlesville! Please share this invitation link with anyone who may be interested in volunteering. With continued support from volunteers in the local science, engineering and education community, we can offer a positive experience for area students.

Please contact Gabriella Farnham with any questions.


BDSF Judging Team

Sponsorship from Phillips 66 Company, ConocoPhillips Company and ChevronPhillips Company


September Seminar: Jeff Bryan

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Northern Oklahoma is pleased to announce that the third quarter seminar speaker will be Jeff Bryan.  The title of his seminar is, "Nuclear Science and Fiction in Star Trek."

Event Details

Venue Tri County Technology Center, Wichita Room
Date Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Cost Free and open to the public
Time Pizza will be served at 6:30 pm, Seminar will begin at 7:15 pm.


Much of the Star Trek universe can be understood or disputed based on our current understanding of nuclear chemistry and physics. This presentation will examine "future" technologies such as photon torpedoes, transporters, and holodecks using contemporary nuclear science. We'll also boldly go where few scientists have gone before to try to understand what dilithium really is and what it does in a starship. Even if you're not a trekkie (or a trekker), don't worry, the context of each topic will be provided through video clips from the shows and movies. Engage!

Fall Outreach: Robert Bates Seminar

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Over 73 people came to Oklahoma Wesleyan University on Sep 23, 2015 to hear Professor Robert Bates’ presentation on Food Chemistry. The audience included fifty-six high school and college students, making the event one of the highest attended social outreach events in recent times. The talk “What you Always Wanted to Know about Chemicals in Food but were Afraid to Eat” was well received and generated great discussion among the audience. The section would especially like to thank the speaker, Professor Robert Bates, as well as the teachers who encouraged their students to attend: Rosie Rovia-Truitt, Brian Turner, Ryan Shae, and Gary Layman.  A special thank-you goes to Rosie Rovia-Truitt for coordinating with Oklahoma Wesleyan University to host the seminar.

Bartlesville Chemistry Students Compete in National Chemistry Olympiad

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Four Bartlesville Chemistry Students qualified to participate in the 2015 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Competition because of their excellent marks in the local competition. Congratulations to Alex Platon Jr. and Kaycee Shaper from Bartlesville High School in Chris Ruhl's Chem II class, and to Palak Sharma and Clayton McFarland from Bartlesville Mid-High in Gary Layman's Chem I class.  Only two students per school may be nominated to take the national exam.  These four Bartlesville Chemistry students are among only about 1000 students nationwide who competed on the national level in 2015.  

(L to R) Keith Lawson, Palak Sharma, Chris Ruhl, Kaycee Schaper, Alex Platon Jr., Clayton McFarland.  

Dr. Keith Lawson, NOK member and chemist at Phillips Research Center, coordinates and leads Monday night training sessions for those students who are interested in taking the Chemistry Olympiad challenge.  Training sessions continue for about two months prior to the local exam, and extend to the national exam.  The National Exam is a 3-part 4-hour and 45-minute exam with multiple choice, problem solving, and lab practical components.  The National Exam is usually held in mid- to late-April of each year.  

Thanks to the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise for helping to recognize these students' achievement.  

The Tradition of Energy Days Continues

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Energy Days 2015 were held from March 10-12 with the help of 170+ volunteers. This three-day annual event is designated for Bartlesville area fifth grade students to help foster an interest in the science and technology of energy through demonstrations and activities. This year, 19 schools attended the event with almost 1000 students. A big thank you to all volunteers for making Energy Days a great success!

Over 170 volunteers from Phillips 66, ConocoPhillips, CPChem and retirees from the companies are required to make this a successful and educational event. The activities provide the students an introduction to the science of petroleum from production through the final products. Alternative energy, safety and remediation aspects of the industry are also highlighted.

Kudos to the 2015 Bartlesville District Science Fair NOK ACS Award Winners

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Over 360 students participated in the 2015 Bartlesville District Science Fair.  Northern Oklahoma sponsored three monetary awards for Best Chemistry Project, and proudly recognizes the winners as follows.

  • Kaelynn Duncan, Elementary Division, "What Causes a Brain Freeze?"
  • Sarah Covell, Junior Division, "Chlorine Removal"
  • Carly Gillman, Senior Division, "Creating Ethanol from Biomass"

Congratulations to Kaelynn, Sarah, and Carly for their excellent use of a scientific approach toward answering important chemistry questions.