Northern Oklahoma

Building Bonds with Chemistry in Northern Oklahoma

Resources for Local Chemistry Teachers

The following resources are available to chemistry teachers.  Please contact us if you are interested in receiving an ACS Chemistry kit, or for assistance with the CCMR Lending Library of Experiments chemistry kits.  

ACS Chemistry Kits

The American Chemistry Society's Chemistry Ambassadors is providing free chemistry kits to chemistry teachers.  The kit, "Chemistry's Colorful Clue" explores acid/base chemistry.  The kit begins with students observing that a stream becomes acidic.  The students learn to use bromothymol blue indicator solution to classify different substances as acidic, basic, or neutral, and are then able to piece together what happened to the stream.  

The kit is intended to be used in a classroom, under the guidance of a teacher, with students in grades 4-8 with emphasis on the lower grades. The kit contains enough materials for multiple classes of 32 students, and a teacher guide with student activity sheets. 

If you are a chemistry teacher in Northern Oklahoma, and would like to receive a free "Chemistry's Colorful Clue" chemistry kit, please contact us.  We will happily assist you. 

CCMR Science Kits

The Cornell Center for Materials Research provides a Lending Library of Experiments.  A number of kits are available in chemistry, physics, and earth science.  All kits are lent to teachers at no charge.  Postage paid return packaging is provided with each kit.  Kits come with freely downloadable lesson plans and student activity sheets.  

These kits are freely available to all teachers.  NOK is happy to assist in procuring and returning the kits, if needed.